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SHONDA RHIMES ‘A screenwriter’s advice’

OMFG preach

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 Jane Grigoryeva

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do you dream?

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i like how his mom is immediately on his side and about to getaway car them off 

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We are rehearsing a play! A surprise play!

a.k.a Clara losing complete control over a situation

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→ 42/50 Favourite photos of Coldplay

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"I’m the caretaker now, look, I’ve got a brush."
Doctor Who 8.06 The Caretaker
Sneak Peek [x]

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clara oswald + tv tropes [insp.]

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ahh! i’ve been seeing a lot of follow forevers lately, and i’ve decided that hte wonderful people i follow deserve some love, too! the folks with bolded names are extra special! those that are in italics are my super special lovely babs!


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thelaughingnovelist, thewonderfulthingabouttigga,
 ummarvelvintagequeefwingless-aussie, @wolfierewind

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I relate to this on a spiritual level

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do you ever just wear headphones so people won’t talk to you

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- I was interrogated in prison. And I guess I panicked. I didn’t want to be a risk to the people close to me, so…
- You deleted your friends?
- My friends, anyone who ever helped me, my family.
- Your family?
- Of course, my family.
- How could you do that?
- Well, I don’t know. I suppose I must have loved them.

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